the Connection

between Organizations

& the Youth

Inspiring Youth.

A unique and forward-thinking platform, designed to revolutionize connectivity between youth and organizations. Yspot aims to inspire and empower the next generation of socially engaged leaders. We nurture innovative minds, encourage collaboration through meaningful conversations, and reward youth through exciting channels.

Find Endless Opportunities!

Yspot introduces youth to opportunities that encourage thought leadership and professional growth through collaborative internships within organizations.

Amplify your Social Profile!

Yspot supports aspiring youth to amplify their passions, using the power of social media and analytics. Yspot also provides youth with a deeper understanding of organizational core values through the brand advocacy program.

Join the Conversation!

Yspot provides a safe environment for members to engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded youth and organizations through community discussions.


Yspot, is a revolutionary platform that connects youth with organizations, to build an empowered, and disruptive future through the power of social media.


Yspot is an exclusive platform through which businesses can monitor analytics, interact, and have real-time conversations with the youth. We offer brands a unique experience to directly communicate with their target audience, through campaigns, mentorship programs, internship opportunities, and more.