Revolutionizing how


connect with Youth

Why Y-Spot?

Yspot is a unique and forward-thinking platform, designed to revolutionize connectivity between youth and organizations by building cross-generational relationships through shared learning experiences.

We offer organizations a unique experience to directly communicate with their target audience, through brand advocacy programs, internship opportunities, community discussions and surveys


Engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded youth through mentorships and community discussions.


Encourage & develop thought leadership, through collaborative internships  innovative workshops and Surveys


Expand mind-set of passionate youth through our brand advocacy program


Reward inspired youth through sponsored competitions, fun events and redeemable points.

How you benefits?

  • Engage with a virtual community of empowered, young leaders

  • Promote youth-focused initiatives with a targeted approach

  • Anticipate customer demand by monitoring their interests, opinions and attitudes through polls and surveys

  • Access advanced competitive insights on the brand’s engagement and conversions within their selected user group

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