Yspot Internship Programs

At YSpot, we offer organizations a unique opportunity to connect with young local talent through our structured internship programs. Our programs are centered around collaboration and thought-leadership. We encourage organizations to have meaningful conversations with young talent, to drive innovation and raise awareness within the youth market.

Yspot programs

Project based
The interns utilize their talents to either complete a personal project curated to them by your company or be part of your company’s ongoing projects.
Department hopping
The interns immerse themselves into your company’s ecosystem exploring various departments. This allows them to experience operations from different angles.
CSR / Sustainability
The interns analyze your company’s current CSR and/or sustainability initiatives and conceptualize new innovative programs that allow you to directly impact and contribute to your community.
Podcast program
You sponsor interns and their episodes on our Podcast channel. The interns learn how to conceptualize and produce a podcast series through learning sessions and hands-on workshops.
Our passionate team of wellness can create and develop tailor-made youth wellness programs or youth wellness days for employees with teens, to promote and educate them on the importance of well-being with tools to support with life challenges for improved sense of balance.
Innovation hacks
We connect you with other organizations and GEN Z participants to hack problems together. You set a problem that you are looking to solve for young minds to tackle. We train the to apply innovation theories to create impactful solutions.

Program components

Application & Selection
Weekly check-ins
Employability branding
Evaluation & Feedback
We offer tried and tested YSpot internship programs as well as programs tailored to your specific needs.